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Rocks and Twigs

(but none of that, really)

80s hair, alucard, andre 3000, animals, aragorn, arguing with stupid people, aus, avoiding people, awkward, bald people, benton fraser, best week ever, biting, black and white cats, blue fingernail polish, board games, books, brushes, carbonated water, catchy music, character studies, chinese food, cleaning, cooking, creativity, crime shows, css, curling, dancing to 80s music, degrassi junior high, dick wolf, digital cameras, discovery times channel, disney movies, dog shows, dorks, dry humor, due south, dyed hair, eisley, even numbers, fall out boy, feedback, fishnets, fluff, foreign movies, french people, george huang, good angst, grape soda, gray eyes, halloween, hands, happy endings, hbo, hgtv, house, i heart huckabees, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, icons, ifc, insults in foreign languages, internet, jack sparrow, kid shows, ladybugs, law and order, law and order: svu, layouts, leather, lists, loners, making layouts, mechanical pencils, mellow, mellow music, milk, movie extras, movies, msn, muffins, mugen, multiple fandoms, mystery, nice lighting, night lights, noi albinoi, non-religious people, numb3rs, old sewing machines, organization, paint shop pro, panic! at the disco, plots, poppyseed muffins, porn, pretty layouts, prince, pwp, rain, ray kowalski, rayk's glasses, reading, red hair, red pens, regina spektor, reruns, rodney mckay, roseanne, samurai champloo, sarcasm, sharpies, short hair, shoulders, slash, sleeping in, slightly insane lex, snow, sopranos, sorting out problems, soy milk, sparkling water, starburst, stargate atlantis, stick figures, subtext, subtitles, sundance, supernatural, sushi, t-shirts, tackle football, the killers, the library, the number thirteen, the science channel, the sentinel, the-n, theme songs, thrift store shirts, tnt, typewriters, unwrapped, usa channel, vector art, witch hunter robin, writing, yellow roses, zelda: ocarina of time